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Originally designed for the Military to withstand multiple threat vehicles in a tactical environment, today RoadBlade is commonly used by Police, Customs and Civilian organisations for perimeter and premises security. Our road barrier spike systems are available in either permanent or portable formats and can be integrated with other smart systems such as ANPR and access control devices.

RoadBlade RB4200 vehicle arresting system / road spike system

RoadBlade is a heavy duty vehicle arresting system engineered to be able withstand the forces of multiple heavy vehicles. It is bi directional so equally effective in either direction should a vehicle decide to enter via the exit lane etc. Our road spike barrier system can be deployed or installed upon virtually any terrain due to its load spreading properties. Quite simply there is no other road barrier spike system like it!

It can be remotely operated, thereby minimising exposure to the operator, once in place it can be activated and deactivated in seconds. It is highly durable and designed for low-cost maintenance. RoadBlade systems are modular and can be extended up to around 8m on a single actuator. Each module has 5 stainless steel retractable blades. The modules themselves are designed to withstand over 50,000kg of force, enabling them to carry high traffic volumes.

RoadBlade Datasheet Download

Please click the links below to download the RoadBlade vehicle arresting system datasheets

RoadBlade RB4200 vehicle arresting system Datasheet Download

RoadBlade RB4400 vehicle arresting system Datasheet Download

RoadBlade Vehicle Arresting System Videos


RoadBlade Technical Drawings

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RoadBlade RB4200 Technical Drawing
RoadBlade RB4400 Technical Drawing

RoadBlade RB4400 Trench Diagram
RoadBlade RB4400 3D

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