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Since 1996 RoadBlade has been protecting personnel and assets worldwide, and both the portable and permanent RoadBlade systems secure your access points or perimeter and also protects your personnel and property.

RoadBlade is an essential tool for use in situations such as perimeter and roadblock security, operational checkpoints, or any military/civil security operation that need to defend heavy or multiple vehicle threats. RoadBlade is an integrated heavy duty system with wireless remote capability designed to provide the operator sufficient safe distance from the threat vehicle if circumstances require it.

Portable RoadBlade RB4200 Vehicle Arresting System

The Portable RoadBlade (RB4200) is a surface mounted automated traffic barrier spike system that can be either a temporary, semi permanent or permanent installation.

Roadblade RB4200 vehicle arresting system

RoadBlade RB4200

This picture shows the portable RoadBlade RB4200 in the activated position in which you can clearly see the road barrier spikes.

Our RB4200 road barrier spike system is quick and easy to deploy, easily installed and ideal for protecting premises where a surface mounted system that may need to moved or relocated at a later date is better suited. Like the RB4400 it can either be a standalone system or integrated with other systems.

The RB4200 is in use with numerous Police and Special Forces units worldwide as a temporary road block and is also used in permanent roles with many civilian organisations as a permanent fixture protecting locations ranging from oil fields to embassies and palaces.

The portable RoadBlade (RB4200) system can also be deployed quickly from the back of a vehicle in a matter of minutes thereby substantially enhancing a vehicle exclusion zone, ideal for use in military or civilian high level security environments on all types of terrain from tarmac and concrete to sand and ice. Ideal for use in area’s where there is the requirement to establish rapid heavy duty vehicle control in response to terrorist or criminal threat situations.

Permanent RoadBlade RB4400 Traffic Barrier Spike System

The Permanent RoadBlade (RB4400) is a permanent entrenched road spike system that is flush with the road surface and designed for locations with high traffic volumes or situations requiring a flat road surface.

Roadblade RB4400 traffic barrier spikes

RoadBlade RB4400

This picture shows the permanent RoadBlade RB4400 in the passive non-activated position. The RB4400 vehicle arresting system is fully flush with the road surface and enables authorised vehicles to easily pass across without disrupting traffic speed.

The permanent RoadBlade RB4400 vehicle arresting system is ideal for heightening traffic security at fixed sites, such as entrance/exit gate locations. The system can be used as stand alone or it can be integrated with additional or existing traffic security items such as arm barriers, vehicle number plate recognition, swipe card entry systems, retractable steel plates (rising kerbs) or bollards, and more.

The RoadBlade RB4400 is designed to sit flush with the road surface, deactivated in this position passing vehicles are barely aware it is there and traffic flow is unaffected.

RoadBlade provides a physical barrier of spikes when activated which will shred and disable unauthorised vehicles tyres when trying to enter or exit an installation whilst inflicting minimal damage to the vehicle. Strategic placement of the tyre shredder provides additional reaction time for security personnel and safety of the suspect vehicle, reducing liability while increasing gate security.